TOSC committee member Pr. Daniel Scarone discusses hermeneutics, how what the Bible does not teach is not our authority, and these things in relation to women’s ordination and the role of culture. Daniel Scarone is a pastor, an international speaker, counselor, and author of several books and many articles that have been published in the Americas and abroad.

One thought on “The Bible provides our directives, not culture

  1. Thank God it’s all over now. The result of of the GC session vote is a clear indication that the Almighty God still rules in heaven and earth. With the NO vote a great disaster was averted.Our hermeneutics has ever been scripture- driven. It is a snare of the enemy to attempt introducing culture- based hermeneutics at this eleventh hour of earth’s history. All hands should now be on deck toward achieving unity. Maranatha!


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