Pastors Larry Kirkpatrick and Mike Lambert discuss TOSC outcomes. One group within TOSC, the “Position 2” group wants the church to permit individual divisions to make their own separate decisions about women’s ordination. The immediate result would be that some parts of the church would ordain women as pastors/elders, others not. In the TOSC Position 2 paper, WO advocates declared that the problems Paul is addressing in 1 Timothy were intended to deal with only local issues. The pastors zero-in on chapter two looking at the passage in the Greek NT, and the reason Paul DOES give for the general, universal prohibition against women exercising authority over men in a congregational setting.

One thought on “TOSC position 2 problems

  1. We are not dealing with people who are not acquainted with the Biblical position on these matters. They are aware of what the Bible says. The previous deliberations on this issue and the positions taken are clear. What is clearly intended is that the church shall take an non scriptural position and place itself on record as a non scriptural organization that has resolved to create “tradition” without scripture. That destroys our foundation as a “Sola Scriptura” movement. We cannot stand in any court and defend ourselves on the basis of scripture “alone” when we have policy positions that emanate from an attempt at reconciling with world trends.


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