3ABN Night Light Women’s Ordination Discussion, featuring pastors Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Jay Gallimore. The program was recorded at ASI. Includes discussion of Scripture evidence and of the surprising results of the survey conducted. There is a brief musical presentation near the beginning, and afterwards the main program continues. At 16 minutes in the 3ABN WO poll sample and process is explained. Doug Batchelor kicks off the main discussion 28 minutes in. Doug Batchelor is the senior pastor of the Granite Bay Church near Sacramento. Stephen Bohr is senior pastor of the Fresno Church. Jay Gallimore is the president of the Michigan Conference. The hosts are pastor Jim Gilley, president of Three Angel’s Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and Danny Shelton, a founder of 3ABN. Full Program.

6 thoughts on “3ABN WO discussion: Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Jim Gilley, Jay Gallimore

  1. I’m mighty proud of 3ABN for taking a stand instead of silently just going along with something that’s not right or Biblically sound. They are absolutely right. Getting this right is as important as getting the Sabbath and the State of the Dead right. Stay faithful!

  2. This is all so sad. How about we ordain who God chooses and who show the evidence of that calling and the fruit and gifts of the Spirit for ministering? Is that radical?

    • How about we follow a clear “Thus saith the LORD” and stop coveting the things of Babylon?
      Is that radical? You are right, this is so sad.

  3. These are the only few remaining true men of God we have in our church. Going with what we feel and not what the bible teaches will bring earthly rewards such as popularity but we lose everything in the end. When you stand for the truth and for what God wants us to do you will be persecuted…….

    • Going along with the world will not necessarily lead to popularity but it certainly increases the risk of marginalizing the message.


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