News Release
Women’s Ordination Symposium: History, Issues and Implications

Live from Fresno, CA on October 1-4, 2014:

You are cordially invited to join us for the live streaming of “Women’s Ordination: History, Issues and Implications” live from Fresno, California.

The purpose of the symposium is to share, as far as possible, the Biblical foundation for male servant-leadership (‘headship’) in both the home and the church, and the reasons from both Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy as to why women should not be ordained either to the gospel ministry or to the office of local church elder. The symposium will also highlight the value and roles of women in ministry and outline ways in which men and women can work together, within appropriate Biblical roles, to execute the spiritual and evangelistic mission of the great Advent movement.  This symposium will consist of 12 plenary sessions, three panel discussions and a concluding two-hour town hall meeting on Saturday evening.  All meetings except for Sabbath morning will be held at the Secrets Unsealed facility. The Sabbath morning meetings will be held at the Fresno Central SDA Church on 2980 E. Yale Ave., Fresno. 

All other meetings will be held at the Secrets Unsealed studio.

Symposium Participants: Stephen Bohr, Laurel Damsteegt, Mario Veloso, John Peters, Ingo Sorke, Eugene Prewitt, Don Mackintosh, Jim Howard, Daniel Mesa, Dojcin Zivadinovic, Phil Mills, Isaac Olatunji, Julie Mesa, Raymond Holmes, and Kevin Paulson.

Live Audience Welcome. Online audience can watch on our channel, or at (click “On Air”).
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