What Might Have Been from The Adventist Church (Official).

There are now (100 days of prayer) until the Seventh-day Adventist Church General Conference session that begins on July 2, 2015. We encourage church members round the world to join us in an experience of prayer to God for the delegates and leaders of His Church. The short 27 minute film presented above portrays events surrounding the 1901 General Conference session and a vision that was given Ellen G. White concerning it. It contains special lessons that are applicable for us today—no matter what one’s thinking concerning ordination.

It concerns us that some of the strongest advocates of women’s ordination have attacked the film. They allege historical inaccuracies and claim the film seeks to misapply Ellen White’s comments about the 1901 General Conference session and to exploit them in support of a position opposing women’s ordination. But these critics have missed the point. They are relying on half-truths and misinformation in their portrayal.

For example, issues of Kingly power and a confederacy in Battle Creek involved micro-managing the work around the world. God had workers everywhere “on site” that could manage the work locally more efficiently. Decentralization was not so that every conference could come up with its own list of fundamental beliefs, or decide church-wide policy on matters impacting the whole church. The same is true in Acts. Deacons were appointed to take care of local distribution, but items with larger theological implications were taken to the Jerusalem council. Does the Seventh-day Adventist Church really want to place itself in a situation where issues such as gay clergy and same-sex blessings are to be decided by local conferences or unions?

We encourage all, others and ourselves, to seek God and ask Him to search hearts. Embrace His help and find place for repentance and a willingness to submit to the decisions of the world church in General Conference session in San Antonio this July—whatever they are. We believe that what might have been. . . can be!

5 thoughts on “What might have been… can be

  1. May God help us to accept the counsel to the Laodicean Church. As in the past, it is time to go home. Let us humble ourselves and cooperate with God’s Spirit. Come, Lord Jesus.

    • I second that… we need it, desperately, but how frightful to think that we don’t even realise it ourselves that we personally need it.

      I am grateful for this initiative and the vision of sister White, cuz it helps us focus on what’s truly important in all of this, instead of being overcome by cares and worries because of the state of the world and the church. God’s truth will triumph! but only as we humble ourselves before Him.

  2. Does anybody know what happened to the “CAP Responds to NAD Ordination Mailing” thread. There were 139 responses, but the thread is not working. I got a “Fatal Error” message.

      • Thanks, Gabriel, but it is still not working for me, and I have tried it at work, at home, and on my iPad. Son it’s not just the problem of my work computer. Another reader has told me it doesn’t work for her either. That thread, with 139 replies, is out of order for some of us.


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