Click on the link immediately below to download a printable 8.5 x 11 sized document prepared by Ingo Sorke. This concise trifold puts a great deal of information into just two pages. You can duplicate the document on your printer single or double-sided. The link is the English version.

PRINTOUT: Ordination-Pamphlet. Updated version 2015-06-04.

This short, informative document is ideal for Sabbath School class discussion (check with your class instructor first).

Other language versions coming!

5 thoughts on “Women’s Ordination Trifold by Ingo Sorke

  1. This is what we should be
    doing during the Tarrying
    Time. Those who accepted the
    advent doctrine were roused
    to the necessity of repentance
    and humiliation before God.
    Many had long been halting
    between Christ and the world; now they felt that it was time
    to take a stand. “The things of
    eternity assumed to them an
    unwonted reality. Heaven was
    brought near, and they felt
    themselves guilty before God.”—Bliss, page 146.
    Christians were quickened to
    new spiritual life. They were
    made to feel that time was
    short, that what they had to
    do for their fellow men must be done quickly. Earth receded,
    eternity seemed to open
    before them, and the soul,
    with all that pertained to its
    immortal weal or woe, was
    felt to eclipse every temporal object. The Spirit of God rested
    upon them and gave power to
    their earnest appeals to their
    brethren, as well as to sinners,
    to prepare for the day of God.
    The silent testimony of their daily life was a constant
    rebuke to formal and
    unconsecrated church
    members. These did not wish
    to be disturbed in their pursuit
    of pleasure, their devotion to money-making, and their
    ambition for worldly honor.
    Hence the enmity and
    opposition excited against the
    advent faith and those who
    proclaimed it. – {GC 340.1}

  2. Dear brother Sorke,
    thank you very much for the good explanations and this short document on only one sheet of paper. I would like to have this paper in german language, because I am a german like you, and I want to share it with other brethren and sisters in Germany. Maybe you can send me a tanslation in german.
    With brotherly greetings
    Erich Schultze

  3. It’s probably too late, but there’s a typo on the reference regarding Adam “with Eve”. I think the author intended Gen. 3:6, not Gen. 3:5.


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