WO Symposium “Male and Female HE Created them” | Pr. Stephen Bohr

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WO Symposium “Reflections on the Ordination Controversy” | Pr. Louis R Torres

6 thoughts on “Bakersfield Hillcrest WO Symposium: June 12, 2015

  1. Dear brethren Torres and Bohr, are your final sentences really that, what the bible and EGW are saying? If the Church would decide, to go a wrong way, shall we then follow the mulitudes and the devil or shall we follow Christ and take the cross upon us? We know, that we are in a sifting time, and EGW says, that is God´s will, to separate the true believers from the other through errings and false teachings. And what have done the Christians in earlier times? I am sad, that you on the issue of WO have a very good and clear answer and now your words of compromising. Please think about it! We can find clear orders of God in the bible and in the writings of Ellen White. It would be better to say nothing about our consequences, because many sisters and brothers think than, this issue is not so importend than unity, and we contradict ourselves. Please search the scriptures and EGW.

  2. Erich: After watching the videos, I do not understand your post.
    Speakers are clear with their thoughts and no contradictions.

  3. Jody, I think that the brethren knows what I mean. The question is, what shall the true believers do, if the majority votes for women ordination (WO). Br. Torres brought an example from Lewis Walton (in the Book „Omega II“), not to jump out of the helicopter (a picture for the church) if a storm comes, and Br. Bohr said: where should we go. I think, that many SdA – and so the both – believe, that the organization of SdA will go through, because the (SdA)church cannot fall and the ship(SdA) will reach its goal. Like the diciples (they believe, that Jesus comes as a wordly deliverer) they have this wrong thinking. Therefore we must study the Bible and the scripture of EGW. We have something new to learn and something to unlearn.
    We have over years heard all the good arguments referred to WO and know today better than ever before, that WO ist really against God´s Word and His will. Disobidience separates us from God. And if the whole denomination makes a wrong and sinful decision for WO, can we then follow the church and the order of Satan or must we be separated from Sin and Sinners and follow allone Christ? The 12 diciples did not follow the seventy former deciples or the majority, they followed the master and their redeemer. And the christians in the wilderness did the same. We have many quotations of EGW, what we shall do, but often we read only, what we like and dont´t want to take the cross outsite of the camp. We must study it!

    • Erich, notice what Jeremiah did after the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar (1) He was invited to be a guest in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar’s top general, but he declined. (2) He gave the few remaining Jews counsel from God, not to go into Egypt. However, when they rebelliously went to Egypt, against God’s word, he went with them.

  4. Dear Phil, I think, that your biblical example meets not really our situation. Your first point, that Jeremiah want to stay by the remnant, the reason for it, is not explained in the bible and I don´t know, whether EGW comments it, and so we can only speculate. To the second point, Jeremiah would not spontaneous contradict his own orders from the Lord for the Jews, and in Jeremiah 43:5 „took“ Johanan also Jeremiah and Baruch (Jer. 43:6) with him. So Jeremiah had no choice. But we have it!
    A better example from the OT, with the same problem that we meet, is the event with Korah. In Numbers 16:26.27 Moses said: „And he speak unto the congregation, saying, Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of their´s, lest ye be consumed in all their sins. So they gat up from the tabernacle of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, on every side…“ The Jews must be separate from the rebellious ones, what they did. And Sister White said, that the true remnant must be separated from the sin and sinners. Here only three Quotations according to our situation:
    1) „As reformers they had come out of the denominational churches, but they now act a part similar to that which the churches acted. We hoped that there would not be the necessity for another coming out.“{LDE 48.}
    The next two follow.

  5. 2) „A corrupt people has arisen who could not live with the people of God. They despised reproof, and would not be corrected. They had an opportunity to know that their warfare was an unrighteous one. They had time to repent of their wrongs; but self was too dear to die. They nourished it, and it grew strong, and they separated from the peculiar people of God, whom he was purifying unto himself. We all have reason to thank God that a way has been opened to save the church, for the wrath of God must have come upon us, if these corrupt individuals had remained with us…“ {2SG 201.1}
    Do we want the wrath of God?
    3) „In the representations the Lord has given me, I have seen those who follow their own desires, misrepresenting the truth, oppressing their brethren, and placing difficulties before them. Characters are now being developed, and men are taking sides, some on the side of the Lord Jesus Christ, some on the side of Satan and his angels. The Lord calls for all who will be true and obedient to His law to come out of and away from all connection with those who have placed themselves on the side of the enemy…{TDG 222.4} Have the rebellious ones themselves placed on the side of the enemy?


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