Pr. Larry Kirkpatrick has the take-away from the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference session held in San Antonio Texas, July 2-11. Kirkpatrick explains why the session as a whole was the world church confirming the longstanding Seventh-day Adventist hermeneutic sustaining the plain reading of the Bible.

Many are saying that San Antonio doesn’t matter. They wish. We encourage readers to review the article here and see if the idea that San Antonio doesn’t matter is valid or not.

There are impacts in both the short and long term. There is an impact on mission. And it is all good.

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10 thoughts on “San Antonio: the Adventist hermeneutic confirmed

  1. Can someone please help me understand what changes were made to our church manual at this GC? I hear some changes were made……

  2. Just a suggestion. When this ordination issues loses traction please open a website by CAP called where you can bring us all to a consciousness of dangers facing the church and also where theological matters can be addressed. Otherwise thank you CAP.

  3. I’d love to see an input from the pastors who propagated against women ordination. What would they say on the situation that we have now and how they foresee upcoming events if will be any?
    Because as I understand the goal of this site and their task is not ended yet.

    • We are still here. We are still alert. We are watching the resolution of the WO issues. Women elders must be addressed in due course. There are other issues of great danger also confronting the church. In some measure we are regrouping at the moment but we are committed in seeking to be faithful workers for Jesus and giving the trumpet a certain sound. The Council of Adventist Pastors is working.

      • I’m glad to hear it 🙂
        I’m studying the prophecies now and old prophets are warning us that Jerusalem (God’s church) will be captured at the ens of times.
        And E.White prophesied about the last days church – “”This house is proscribed. The goods must be confiscated. They have spoken against our holy order.” – 1T., p.578
        Which means, we need to be prepared for proclaiming our messages with empty pockets and having the only hope in our Lord Jesus Christ
        Do you consider such a variant happening in the nearest future?
        Thank you.

        • The pretexts and methods for and of expropriation of the people vary from place to place and the methods of unlawfully or lawfully divesting people of their hard earned wealth are adapted to the circumstances but the principle that your wealth can be taken without compensation is a reality. Private property is now held at the mercy of governments. We are becoming poorer and less significant and when the situation is ripe, we can be robbed without any form of protection from any institution because the laws and government institutions and instruments that protect the people from their governments are taken away for whatever reason, we lose everything. Private property is the greatest protection against tyranny and slavery. The economics of the world are acting as batterings rams against that idea today. Governments and their peoples, whole nations are descending into the bottomless pit of debt. What debt does is take away the right to property and a voice in one’s fate. It creates a global slave population. You couple that to the current penchant for irrational and anti God legislation and the last protections against the tyranny of those with the money are removed. Money is making the rules. Any rules. The depiction of the golden cup in the woman’s hand (Rev 17) is not for nothing. Money IS making the rules for the whole world. This is where we are and if those with the money decide to expropriate you, no law can save you because they are the law. When the Law of God is thus made void, man operate under the control of demons. It is open season for the workings of darkness. For precisely that reason, we must lift up the Law of God and His justice more than we preach mercy because the greatest danger does not come from humans not understanding the mercy of God. It comes from an imbalance that exalts His mercy at the expense of His wrath, His grace at the expense of His holiness, His goodness at the expense of His Majesty, His forgiveness at the expense of His justice. The world needs no smooth and soft messages today. It needs Elijah and he had nothing much by way of anything. He lived light and when it came time to leave, he left everything which was not anything.

          • Very well said!
            But that’s not what I mean. Please take a look at that vision, there is something very specific in it. “Testimony for the church”, 1st volume and page 578.
            People who were very close to E.White turned to be catholics and proclaimed expropriation of the House of the Lord.
            Which in practical sense means expelling all of those who disagree with what that catholics doing.
            And this is about to happen.

  4. The danger we face is not ignorance but attitude. We have NOT exhausted all there is to know about Bible prophecy and current events. The prophecy of Daniel 11 is current news, especially from verse 40 to 45. It is easier to label and dismiss people who are studying. Nothing new. What is new is the precision with which world events are following to the jot and tittle what Jesus said. It is very new to me to see. I am still reeling under the effect of how precise every word in my King James Authorized Version sits in the overall scheme of things. I have learned to be humble about what I know and to ask to have my eyes opened. Like you I am watching what is happening on the ground and in the air. Not every prophecy is spiritually fulfilled. Some things, in fact all these things are literal because they in one way or another affect people and people are real, living in real places in very real circumstances and spiritual conditions. Prophecy must be REAL to be relevant. I am watching all events: political, religious; economic. “And on earth distress of nations…” Spiritual or literal? “Glorious Holy Mountain,” Spiritual or literal. “At that time Michael shall stand up…” Literal or spiritual? “Time of trouble….”Spiritual or literal? “come the second time…” literal or spiritual? I tell you what, the literal IS AN INDEX of the spiritual! Go there and dig.


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