The laypeople of the Upper Columbia Conference (North Pacific Union, North American Division) are responding church by church to a mistaken policy voted by several members of the conference executive committee on the conference executive committee. At the end of March, the UCC executive committee voted into being a “Commissioned Minister Policy” which disagrees with the Church Manual, the NAD Working Policy, and, many feel, with the spirit of the decision made at the 2015 San Antonio General Conference Session. The policy grants commissioned ministers authorities which the world church on no level has granted them, making them in many respect virtually equal to the ordained minister. has become aware that a brief, yet most interesting article, has been published at website. The story in question lists, church by church and in chronological order, the wording of the voted calls by which constituent churches are petitioning conference leadership to hold a special constituency session to reverse said policy.

You will find the article at the following link:

12 thoughts on “UCC Churches Call for Special Session

  1. This is good news and very timely. God is sifting and we need to be closer to Him now more then ever. Keep up the fire and prayers people! Seek Him in all things and look to His wisdom when addressing this issue with others.

    Blessings to all,

    Joe Tacconelli

  2. It is time for the General Conference Fall Session to take up the matter of rebellion at the conference and Union Levels and disband the same, turning them back to the very clear Mission Fields thay really are!!! And do not forget to eliminate further contributions to fallen leaders’ pension programs!!!

  3. Same thing needs to happen now in the Oregon Conference. Although with the number of liberal churches in the conference it might be a bit tougher to make it through.

    There seem to be a few tricks one has to know, when doing business in this Church, for there is simply no open debate possible, and no transparency at the lower levels. The Union presidents get their transparency in Division and GC meetings, but they do not extend the same courtesy down the line.
    The UCC churches MUST be aware of the following and ensure themselves to reword the action of the Union or Conference to get a fair chance! Learn from us,, we gained this knowledge the hard way…
    When delegates want to rescind an action of a previous meeting, just stating that they want to annul or rescind on basis of lack of legal grounds, puts them in a very disadvantageous position. Even though there was no legal basis for previous action, The Rules of Order demand a 2/3rd majority to annul or rescind. This is strange and undemocratic, but they’ll have to play the game by the rules. And they are supposed to know this trick themselves. Officers of the higher administrative levels present in the meeting will not interfere.
    With our Member’s manifesto motion statement on June 5th we thought that in a fair debate we would be able to discuss and chose between an annulment of the action of 2012 (to ordain women equal to men)and a moratorium for the illegal action of 2012, and that there would be room proper wording suggestions or amendments. Don’t count on that. The open discussions at higher levels (Division and GC), do not exist at the lower levels – ECs commonly impose their biased opiniated information on the constituency they claim to represent. Most of the time, in countries that are dependent on proper translations of the English texts of GC Working Policy, Church Manual and official statements, translations are incorrect and manipulated.
    I am currently writing a Summary of all that transpired here in the Netherlands Union. If one wants to receive it, just send an email to Up till now I am not sure if I want to publish it. I pains me too much to make it public. I am simply ashamed of the way business is conducted in God’s Church. They do a better job in the world…

    • Thanks for sharing this. It seems to be a general problem within the church, especially in the secularised liberal dominated cultures, with the Netherlands being no exception. The news of what’s going on there and in Europe, and the United States, is sad state of affairs. We have underestimated the terrible consequences of a compromising lukewarm church. While the church is sleeping, satan has stolen a march against us. It’s good to hear that our brothers and sisters in the pews are speaking up, and doing something about this rebellion within our ranks.

  5. A number of people have raised the issue of the root cause of much of what is happening today being a direct result of the election and ordination of women as elders.

    They way the whole issue panned out over the years, rather secretly I might add, being passed off as a “policy” to appease the secular cultural and political norms in the US and other secularised liberal dominated cultures, is a matter of grave concern.

    The fact that this is still not being addressed, and acted upon, even in San Antonio, shows that the church is in a drunken stupor and continues to drink from the cup of liberal cultural norms, for which there is a clear unwillingness to repent of her waywardness.

    • I would say we have doubtful lack to observe how two different spirits work within one church. Both of them aimed to evangelize, but for different reason – first one proclaims “come out an be separate” while another calls to “meet people where they are”.
      The second one, being satanic by its nature, has already brought Catholic denomination to its failure. And now we have it in the Adventist Church, which follows the steps of the catholics.
      Omega rebellion is not just a falls teaching, but the satanic spirit which perfectly imitates the work of the Holy Spirit and introduce his falls teaching into the church.
      And it so bad that adventists forget what Spirit established this Church and they don’t even know how to distinct the Holy Spirit from the spirit of this World.

  6. The only way to get action from the conference, union or division is to hold back your tithe until the problem is fixed, but you need to be united for it to work. Alan

    • Renege on your responsibility to God / rob God, because others have failed in their responsibilities? Sounds like an exceedingly foolish and deadly idea!

    • There is as yet no official statement that they have rescinded. This is between the conference and the laypeople and CAP is not certain how many churches have voted for the special session. UPDATE. This evening a statement by UCC appeared on its website stating that the conference had rescinded.

  7. The example of rebellion has been placed before the NAD by its president who for the last several years has been relentless in his pursuit of Women’s Ordination. In all of our doctrines you can quote Scriptures which support them, but where are the Scriptures that support Women’s Ordination? If I find one I will support Women’s Ordination but not until that Scripture is verified. God will cleanse His church, the withholding of tithe just adds the withholder to the rebellion.


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