On Monday, October 31, 2016, the North American Division executive committee voted a statement calling efforts to bring compliance to the world church vote at the 2015 General Conference session “profoundly divisive and demoralizing” and voiced “vigorous disagreement.” In the statement, North American Division leaders affirmed “unwavering support and steadfast intent” to secure what they feel is “full equality of women in ministry.” This, in spite of votes at the highest level of church polity in which the world church has refused, refused, and a third time refused, to approve directly or indirectly the ordination of women. The NAD vowed to continue to make “ongoing, proactive progress toward the full equality of women in ministry in our Division.”

Early October each year the General Conference holds its Annual Council meeting, and in late October the North American Division, its Year-end Meeting. The 2016 Annual Council approved a very patient process to be used for reconciliation, called “Unity in Mission: Procedures in Church Reconciliation.” NAD leaders were frenzied in their resistance to the document, but representatives of the world church enacted the document anyway.

The Monday vote is not the first provocative action taken this year by the NAD. On Friday, October 28, the NAD voted to request that the General Conference recognize the illegal 2013 election by Southeastern California Conference of Sandra Roberts, a woman, to the male headship role of conference president. The YEM2016 action was done in spite of awareness that such recognition by the General Conference was impossible. It was an NAD statement of defiance toward the world church. Yet the passage of two days led to no improvement in graces. The Monday motion voted was offered by Southeastern California Conference pastor Randy Roberts, and reads as follows:

The Seventh-day Adventist Church exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Three Angels’ Messages. Nothing should impede this prophetic mission.

It is thus with grave concern that the members of the North American Division (NAD) Executive Committee witnessed the passing of the Unity in Mission document at the recent Annual Council. The implementation of this document will create–indeed, is already creating–a profoundly divisive and demoralizing reality in many parts of the NAD.

While we wish to register our vigorous disagreement with the intent of the document, we do not wish to respond impulsively. Therefore, in light of this document, we move to authorize NADCOM to appoint a subcommittee to craft a thoughtful path forward.

Furthermore, recognizing that the underlying focus and context of the Unity in Mission document was the ordination of women to ministry in two unions in our division, we wish to once again publicly affirm our unwavering support and steadfast intent to realize the full equality of women in ministry, in fulfillment of biblical principles, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In light of these realities, we do not want the Unity in Mission document to be a deterrent to the ongoing, proactive progress toward the full equality of women in ministry in our Division.

We invite earnest prayer for the leading of the Holy Spirit as we engage in this process.

The action taken by the NAD at YEM2016 is extremely divisive. The NAD participated fully in the studies and votes which resulted in the 2015 world church decision. How can the NAD ignore those same decisions which they are duty-bound to accept, and then accuse world church leadership of being “divisive” when they humbly seek to secure respect for those same decisions? Thousands of Seventh-day Adventists who fully support the world church hang their heads in shame today for the insubordinate actions of their own Division. They feel voiceless and abandoned by NAD leadership. They support efforts by the world church to help recover the wayward unions, but the actions of NAD leadership are ripping the fabric of goodwill within the Division.

Has the leadership of the NAD gone rogue? Are they content to destroy world church unity to pursue the “proactive progress” of the ideology they are bent upon inculcating not only over the protest of their North American Division members, but also the world church?

How Long O Lord?

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  1. This is no surprise to me. What appalling is the non-compliance statement by the Theological Seminary of AU, the flagship GC institution for theological/ministerial institution, which has been followed by LLU, WWU, and WAU. The GC should have the upper hand on these GC institutions. We do not accept church fund which comes from our tithe and offerings to be used by individuals/institutions defying the authority of the world church.

    • Dave ,I cannot find the article, I believe it was on this Forum, but anyway, the NAD under Jackson is “locking up” all institutions and Ministries under its direct control,trying to legally usurp the GC……
      The article was titled “NAD preparing for GC admonishment”

      What I would like to know is How much power does Mr.Jackson wield?
      It appears that he can act with impunity.

      • The GC executive committee could show the proper place to elder Jackson and his crew, but I doubtful that it would ever happen

      • As we head into 2017 ….We must keep praying……For our own salvation,
        And each other……
        The one thing that won’t change is Dan Jackson and the Apostate North American Division will still be pushing Thier agenda on us.
        Blessings to all….May the Lord King Jesus return soon

    • Just a note of clarification – While Andrews University and Loma Linda University are under the direction of the General Conference, Walla Walla University and Washington Adventist University are under the direction of their Unions.

    • That is precisely the point: use our leaders and university chairs to confuse and divide the church at large. A house divided cannot stand. AND it does not take but a few well placed persons to wreck havoc. What we need is to establish a new and efficient method of swift constituency authority activation and application so that church EMPLOYEES do not use their brief tenures to cause us as an ongoing movement long term harm.

  2. I can’t believe this. This is difficult. This is Satan! Can’t the General Conference see this?
    I have said this before, and it’s time to repeat it again, in hopes that, somebody, somewhere, will take the stand, coming together, in the realization.

    That you cannot “Love a Demon” to “JESUS CHRIST”. You must first cast out the Demon, so that the “Holy Spirit” can come in and reconstruct the soul. Daniel Jackson, your unwillingness and disrespect for the decision of the 60th General Conference Session, and that the General Conference is the finale Authority Charge to uphold this decision, only proves that, thou hath an unclean spirit!

    For here is the truth! …and you know this.
    1) The authority referred to in GC WP B 05, no. 6 is a delegated authority, rather than an absolute one—it was specifically granted to unions by the General Conference (GC) itself. This means that each union’s actions regarding ordination must be in accordance with those of the GC, since it is the source of the authority that a union has in this area.
    2) This authority is not only delegated, but also limited. Unions have the power to select, from among candidates proposed by conferences who meet the criteria set by the
    World Church itself, those to be ordained.
    3) Finally, the church’s policies and practice do not permit women to be ordained since the GC WP section called “Qualifications for Ordination to the Ministry” (L 35) only allows for males to be ordained.

    Brethren, it’s not like you don’t have the power; that is if you have faith and believe!!!
    For it was given unto the World Church in its “Commission” in going forth to preach the Gospel of “JESUS CHRIST”, and it is written: Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: (Satan and the fallen angels) and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    Luke 10:19

    Wherefore, Let us “ALL” not forget! That Satan still come in Disguises, and he only chooses the one that work!

    Where are all the real Men, of “GOD” in this REMNANT CHURCH?

    What the President of the NAD Mr. Daniel Jackson is doing is causing an uprising! Within the “World Church”?

    Think about it? Isn’t this exactly what Lucifer, did when he was in the Kingdom of Heaven? He stirreth up strife, and confusion amongst the angels, and was determined to get his way at any cost? Folk! Help me here! Am I talking Fiction?

    Well in case, many of you that may or may not be reading your bibles, this is a sure sign that the “Holy Spirit” is slowly being withdrawn from the earth, readying for the Second Coming of “JESUS CHRIST.

    My dear brothers and sisters, Please! Wake-up! For these warnings are written in the. Spirit of Prophecy, as well.
    “When the church is in difficulty, when coldness and spiritual declension exist, giving occasion for the enemies of God to triumph, then, instead of folding their hands and lamenting their unhappy state, let its members inquire if there is not an Achan in the camp.
    With humiliation and searching of heart, let each seek to discover the hidden “SINS” that shut out God’s presence. Patriarchs and Prophets 497.3}

    Even So, Come Lord “JESUS”!

    • Early in our formation we had few leaders leading the “world church.” And we were exposed to “kingly authority.” In God’s plan a representative form of government was instituted to prevent that as well as facilitate lesser decisions to authorities closer to the people. To try to usurp this plan today gives witness to the true source of the “concern” for equality. If it is truly a God “concern” then should man try to “help” Him as Abraham tried to an apparently listless promise to provide the “seed”? We still see the results of that effort today in a nation whose father was Abraham and whose mother was an Egyptian housemaid. Interesting that the mixed multitude was to be barred from interacting with the Israelites for three generations (Deut 23:8, Exo 20:5)!

  3. As strange as it may sound, this thought came to my mind, if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S.A. election she will “break the glass ceiling” (as she has promised to do) and mandate that no institution can limit women from top management positions.

    It is apparent that the majority of tithe paid pastors (and most likely the majority of lay persons) in the N.A.D. want to let S.D.A. women hold all positions in the S.D.A. Church organization. If the N.A.D. maintains their position against the G.C. session vote of 2015 and the G.C. Annual Council of 2016 then, it is my understanding, they will not have the religious exemption as a reason not to comply with the Federal mandate. It appears to me, if Hillary Clinton wins the election she will give them what they want.

    Isaiah chapter three verse twelve prophecy perhaps is coming true in our time. “Isa. iii, was presented before me. I was shown that this prophecy has its application to these last days; and the reproofs are given to the daughters of Zion who have thought only of appearance and display.”……. E.G.W. Spiritual Gifts pg. 63,1864

    • It seems somewhat contradictory for you to post the claim that so many pastors want women to fill positions including male-headship roles, on a site that is run by several Seventh-day Adventist pastors who at some risk have patiently labored to educate the church NOT to do such a thing.

      On the pope’s medal, giving it was ridiculous. At the same time, it was not action voted by delegates, nor have any substantial group of Adventists ever affirmed or embraced it. It was an aberration and a mistake. Why make such a big thing of it? Do you think that the present General Conference administration would do such a thing? If not, why not move on? We have much to do to help the Church right itself. Perhaps we can spend some energy correcting current problems.

      • Giving the medal to the pope was a sign that a group inside the Church had gained a critical mass and is ready to work.
        And now we see how it goes with breaking the Church into pieces. And breaking apart is inevitable now because the good part of NAD is poisoned with a strange spirit which they get from the “scholars”.
        And Jesuits are popes servants and well known for their love to teach others in the higher education schools. And they also known as conspiracy agency that strives to destroy protestantism from within.
        That’s how the strange spirit sneaked into SDA Church.
        So all dots tie together very well, as we can see.

  4. There is only one thing and one thing only that these people understand and that is MONEY. As long as SDA’s are sending in their tithe to them they are going to keep on doing whatever they want. Cut off the money that pays their salaries and see what happens. In their minds they must think that as long as SDA’s are sending their tithes to them that that must mean that SDA members are supporting them in their decisions. Perhaps there needs to be a type of protest among the laity. And what about the pastors? When are they going to stand up against this? The SDA church has been going on the wrong path for some time. Remember the medal to the pope?The GC has never admitted in making a grievous mistake or asking for forgiveness in giving a medal the Mr. Antichrist, the representative of all the popes, all the priest including the Jesuits. He, the pope, also represents the demonic fake religious institution that persecuted, tortured, and killed millions of innocent people. Not a word of remorse from the GC for giving that medal to the man of sin, the son of perdition. Does any SDA really think that the one and only Almighty God, Creator of the Universe, who sent His ONLY begotten Son into the world to save fallen humanity from sin is OK with His remnant church giving the human/god imposter a medal? Do SDA’s today just brush it off because it happen back in 1977? Do SDA’s think that God has forgotten about it? This whole thing is sad, really sad and embarrassing as the Lord other denominations look on.

    B.B.Beach Gives Pope a Gold Medal
    Representing the SDA Church—1977


    • I think this is not about money. The money is a secondary factor.
      The GC should address the issue and disfellowship the people who think they are captains of the ship and have no control over them.
      But the only question is if the executive committee willing to fix the situation or they march together with rebels.

      • I see. But I mean denying to bring tithes and offerings will kill the Church rather than bring it to the healing.
        That’s why I say money is the secondary thing. Problem in not with money, problem is with wrong people sitting on the right places.

  5. Genrltmen, as we approch these last days of this world, knowing.
    That if the Executive Committee of the General Conference don’t take a stand, and deal with this “BREACH” coming from the NAD and it’s president. Then this world church and all of its entities is going to get exactly what they’ve got coming to them! For not affirming the General Conference, and its Authority, Especially after the President of the NAD Daniel Jackson have stated his position on “Women Ordination”! Let’s face it! This is the same spirit, that Lucifer had in Heaven, when things didn’t go his way, and there was “WAR”!

    Wherefore let us follow the Lord’s instruction and do this ,
    Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6: 11,12

    Either we use the “Power” that have been given to us written in Luke 10:19 or we allow Satan to shut down the General Conference, leaving 18 – 22 Million of our brothers and sisters that we have labored so hard to bring into the “Faith” and stranded in the spirit of confusion, to fend for themselves.

    Are we really ready for this?

    Have we forgotten our commitment?

    Regaurading our commitment to the Constitution and Bylaws of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as adopted by General Conference Sessions, the Mission Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Total Commitment to God—A Declaration of Spiritual Accountability in the Family of Faith, Roadmap to Mission and the Working Policy as adopted by Annual Councils of the General Conference Executive Committee. It is therefore the authoritative voice of the Church in matters relating to the administration of the work of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in all parts of the world. It is to be adhered to by all denominational organizations.

    What’ll you say? Are we going to stick together? Or are we going to let Satan have his way without a fight? All the while keeping the “FAITH” calling upon the name of the Lord, believing and having “FAITH! Help Us Lord!

      • Donmc prove it! This I gotta know, because Im really getting ready to challenge my church. For me its Going on fifty years, and Walla! The church is equalizing genders? Help Us Lord, …and I know for a fact that this is not of “GOD” and I can prove it!

        • Some are treating genders interchangeably; the vast majority of Adventists are not. Even the majority of North American Adventists do not, we believe, support women’s ordination/the ordination of elders. There are a loud majority of administrativa who are ready to burn down the church for women’s ordination, but most Adventists are not so deluded. Let’s keep this in mind in the months just ahead.

          • Wow! Thank you “JESUS” I’m not going to lie about it! This kind of foolishness is very disturbing, and honest, I have no intentions of going to my grave without a fight, calling on that power, “JESUS” said that I have written in Luke 10:19

            If I may I’d like to share this Commentary that I sent to President Ted N.C. Wilson in August 26, 2016. Since then I have been contacted by a number of people, including Ricardo Graham, of NPU and the President of the SAC WILLIAM Winston.

            …..and as of yesterday Nov. 3, 2016 I shared this same Commentary with the Communications Dir. of the GeneraConference Sam, Nerves.

            You can view this Cmmentary by following this link here


  6. Can we not have emergency sessions conducted in all the places where this issue is divisive and the matter be discussed there and votes taken. It may prove cheaper than anything else we may do. Those conferences, unions, Divisions that no longer want to be part of the movement can vote to leave the world church and do their thing. I hate the thought but I wonder how else we are going to resolve this without respecting freewill.


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