Seventh-day Adventist church members in the Upper Columbia Conference will gather May 20 for multiple regional meetings. The meetings were not organized by Conference administration but by the laypeople themselves. The meetings are described as giving opportunity for members of the Conference to show their support for the world church.

Meetings will be held simultaneously, May 20, at the Stateline church in Milton Freewater, OR, two miles from Walla Walla University, and also at the Chewelah church, north of Spokane, WA. Meetings begin in the afternoon, with UCC members attending their local church in the morning, then traveling to Affirmation Sabbath.

Food will be provided so that guests can eat after arrival. Meetings begin at 3:00 pm. Six speakers will give short talks (15 minutes each) one after another, with a final 30 minute presentation titled “In Affirmation of the World Church.” The highlight of the meeting will come in the fellowship shared in the meal provided at 5:30. Members will have a precious opportunity to connect with other members from their own region. An open question and answer session is planned.

The group’s website is Its Facebook page is

Most Seventh-day Adventists reject the radical policy of opposition toward the world church seen in some places. Affirmation Sabbath is planned to be a positive experience. In a gracious post by NPUC executive committee member Alyce Ispirescu, WCAS invites members around the world to join them in special prayer for world church leaders on May 20.

7 thoughts on “Laypeople Launch World Church Affirmation Sabbath

  1. Aaba, Father I’m asking you Dear Lord that you Bless this Laypeople Launch World Church Affirmation Sabbath meeting!
    YES! YES ! YES! Let it be done, all in the Spirit of our Lord and Savior “JESUS CHRIST”! “STAND GENTLEMEN”
    Dear Lord Shower these Lay Brethren, with your Holy Spirit, guiding them in the arena, where the World Church, needs to cut the “Light” back on, preaching the Gospel of “JESUS CHRIST” and the Three Angels Message, Closing with the “Mark of the Beast!z43T

    Now to the Bretheren, and organizers, of this event, please guide me, on how I can partiscipate in getting the Lay Brothers to come together and do the same thing, in the Southern Union part of the country, and be on the same page?

  2. You might try going to their web site and contacting them with this question. They may have more information through that route.

  3. World Church Affirmation Sabbath–what a wonderful, inspired idea! Kudos to the organizers! We pray that it will be a resounding blessing for those who attend! Our hearts will join you from afar.

  4. Members in the Netherlands, who were the forerunners to a laypeople members manifest against the unilateral actions of the former Netherlands Union’s EC wish you courage and steadfasteness. God is in control allthough it might seem at times that He does nothing, He is working behind the scenes, trying to convince the erring brethren to come to their senses. He does not want to loose any one of us. So, do not be disheartened. After all, it is we members who wuill have to stand up for what is right, when leaders seem to put their own ambitions first. We have experienced much discourage, even from the outcome of the demanded Special Constituency Meeting, but God was working all along together with faitheful leaders. There are faithfukl leaders, don’t forget that. Be firm, but always respectful, that God can bless our efforts. God bless you all, brothers and sisters!

    • Thank you, Ingrid! It is cheering to hear your words of encouragement! You are so very right that we as lay members must respectfully hold our leaders accountable. And yes, we do have faithful leaders! We must not carelessly make accusations that are unfounded. If we patiently follow the principles of Matthew 18, God will bless as you said. Courage in Christ!


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