A new website has been prepared by Seventh-day Adventist laypeople, titled UnityInTruth.com. From the website:

You may feel that you are ‘only’ a lay person far removed from the decision-making process of the church. However, you have the right and responsibility to let your world leaders and lay representatives who serve on the General Conference Executive Committee know of your concerns and to ask for action to bring faithfulness to the North American Division leadership (https://www.unityintruth.com/, accessed 2017-07-25).

The site lists a long series of transgressions and attempts to reshape the world church in solidarity with the pro-women’s ordination agenda here: https://www.unityintruth.com/womens-ordination/

At the end of that link is an opportunity to sign a petition asking the GC to take corrective action this October at Annual Council.

The site is very nicely prepared. We suggest you take a close look and then consider acting by signing the petition. Of course, for lasting change NAD church members should see that they elect officers in their own Conferences and Unions who truly support the world church.

8 thoughts on ““UnityInTruth.com”–Support GC Unity Action

  1. I’d like to be the first one to say! What took you so long? This is so very much needed!. I’ve heard about it, and I’ve read about it, but I thought I’d never live to see the Day when the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, would really start shaking. However, we all have read the word of “GOD” and the warning , and the instructions are there! …and it is written: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of “GOD”: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.. 1 John 4:1
    I have not been to the site as yet to sign the petition, I guess because I’m so excited about, somebody or the real “Brethren” decided to step up to the plate!

    …and in the meantime I can’t wait until the important symposium on “Scripture, Church Structure, and the Path to Unity” that’s set to take place on August 1-3, 2017. And Broadcast live on http://youtube.com/secretsunsealed.

    Brethren, let’s all of us come together and sign this “Petition” not in Protest, But In Righteousness, maintaintianing what is written in Scripture, and standing firm on the Votes of the 60th General Conference Session, and the two General Conference Sessions that proceeded the 60th Session, maintaining The General Conference Working Policy,

    Remember the Symposium on August 1-3, 2017. YouTube

  2. I urge readers of this post to pray and act. I am personally thankful for a way to express myself to a responsible party (The GC Executive Committee) as we come to the end of the grace year. I have been praying all year for reconciliation and heart changes. I know God will seek to draw, but humans have the grand freedom of choice!

  3. I can’t find any credibility in a website organizers who hide in anonymity. The petition signers list their first names. But the organizers and authors aren’t listed at all – so much for transparency and accountability.

    • I think there is to much emphasis, on many Adventist web sites, where there is a call for “transparency” or specific identification for the author, commenter, poster, etc. There are many reasons why one might wish to remain anonymous, not always a bad thing. I prefer a degree of anonymity myself, so feel free to disregard or even disparage my comment on this subject!!

      From my study of prophecy, I have come to this conclusion: I concern myself with the message, not the messenger. I don’t come to a study looking for mistakes, error, darkness, in either the message or the messenger. God will use whom He will, a humble carpenter perhaps? Or a messenger who may or has departed from the faith, before or after his/her calling (King David, Moses, Balaam, Peter, Paul, Uriah Smith, Dr. Kellogg, Waggoner, Jones and many, many others). I come looking for light and truth, with a humble, teachable spirit. There is a VERY GOOD reason I desire anonymity, read that how you will.

  4. I appreciated the suggestion to write to the GC leadership personally. The Unityintruth.com website was informative.

  5. is it truth that it isn’t necessary to recite in the name of the Father,the Son & the Holy Spirit while baptizing? my pastor said it was protocol ,that wasn’t necessary ,,,I had confronted him on the issue as was baptizing a new member but he would not redo the baptism,even though the kid was not too far from him yup redo it,,,we were by a river,there have been many other incidents ,,,to me I’m dealing with a false teacher,,it’s sad,I can go on & on but this was my biggest concern,,


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