2 thoughts on “Secrets Unsealed Interview UnityinTruth.com

  1. Elder Bohr’s interview/discussion was on target. It is interesting that NAD leadership demands conformity to their rebellious ideas, but they in turn are in rebellion against the GC. Kind of a: “Do as I say, not as I do” situation. God cannot bring people into a church that is in open rebellion such as many conferences in the NAD are in today. Jesus will have to come quickly.
    Maranatha 🙂
    Ray Phillips

  2. I want to applaude Gabe and Jennifer for making a public stand and for their way of presenting the issue in such a Christ like manner. May their tribe increase.
    Ben Davis

  3. Could someone describe exactly where and how those individuals who choose the first or third options in TOSK, had a faulty hermenuetic?


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