In an unprecedented act, the North Pacific Union (NPUC) executive committee voted 34-2 on November 14 to “unreservedly endorse the official response of the North American Division (NAD) to the document approved by the General Conference (GC) executive committee” (Gleaner, December 2018, p. 5).

Readers will recall that on November 6, 2018, the NAD voted a response to the October 14, 2018, General Conference action. In its response, the NAD stated

[W]e are compelled to reject the spirit and direction of this document voted at the 2018 Annual Council (hereafter indicated as ‘the document’), as it is not consistent with the biblical model of the church. We simply cannot, in good conscience, support or participate in the implementation of the process outlined in the document, as it is contrary to the culture of respect and collaboration taught in the Bible.

Excerpt from NAD Newspoints, November 7, 2018.

It is difficult to see how the NPUC decision can do anything but create disunity in the North Pacific Union, its constituent conferences, the NAD territory and the world church. The 2015 General Conference Session vote at San Antonio regarding ordination is being openly disregarded. And now, the NAD—with the unreserved endorsement of the NPUC—adds further insult. The NPUC leaders have published a decision which can only encourage disregard for the Holy Spirit-guided decision-making of representative members from the broader world church.

The Council of Adventist Pastors (CAP) hereby expresses its unreserved disagreement with entities acting in open resistance toward the work of the Holy Spirit. The church should now be given an example of unity. Instead, entities we have respected act in insubordination, telling the world church they refuse to participate in the generous, even mild, compliance process voted at GC Annual Council 2018.

We find instructive the following lines published in Ministry magazine in 1995 shortly after the world church decided a second time not to embrace the ordination of women to the gospel ministry:

The General Conference in its session every five years is the highest authorizing body of the church. If we do not like what it votes, then we can work through legitimate channels of the church to change the decision. But in the process we must obey what the session has voted. What is the alternative? Anarchy, disunity, conflict, and fragmentation.

Part of the struggle of living in this sinful world is living with decisions we do not like. While majorities must always be respectful of the minority, the minority cannot expect to have its way when the majority rules otherwise. Either God is leading this church or not. If He is, then we need to respect the decisions made by the church in its highest governing session.

Ministry, April 1995, p. 30

4 thoughts on “NPUC Unreservedly Endorses NAD Refusal

  1. It should be noted that the NAD rejected the document on compliance and stated that ” [W]e are compelled to reject the spirit and direction of this document voted at the 2018 Annual Council, as it is not consistent with the biblical model of the church”. The president of the NAD stated that the actions of the Division to defiantly ordain female pastors did not contravene church policy; in spite of the fact that the Division did so in rebellion, even when it was pointed out by pastor Ted Wilson that it was not the purview of the Division or Union conferences to decide on the criteria for ordination. The biblical model does ‘not’ teach that female elders (or pastors in this sense) should be elected and ordained as such and the NAD therefore is reworking what the scriptures teach to satisfy feminist demands that dominate Western culture today. Even the third TOSC group conceded that the Bible teaches no such thing as female ordination to the role of elder/pastor and said it was on cultural grounds that female ordination be accepted. The NAD has done this in the past when Josephine Benton was elected and ordained as an elder in defiance of the existing church policy at the time which did not allow for this. The rebellion and division we see in the church today came a direct result of this.

  2. This is another sign that time of grace (probation) comes to its end.
    Very soon we will see abomination of desolation being settled on the holy place.
    And the time of personal responsibility and decentralization will take place.

  3. Let us all pray for the faithful SDA leaders (also support them financially and with words) that stand and obey God highest voice on earth.


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