Readers of are likely aware that, similarly to the divided situation within the Seventh-day Adventist Church over women’s ordination, the United Methodist Church is locked in schism over LGBTQ practice. Click on the link below to read the full article.

One thought on “PoC + Q + T Methodists Declare Rebellion to General Conference

  1. Good morning and Happy Sabbath,

    My name is Davaughn R. Austin Sr and I am a SDA Christian. I believe they should stand their ground on the foundations of truth. This conformity is going to be more damaging for them by accepting what is an abomination in the Lord’s eyes. The truth is the truth period! We need to call sin by it’s right name, It pained me deeply to hear that the LGBTQ has formed it’s church on the shoulders of women’s ordination and it is not stopping there next in line is pedophilia and the LGBTQ and women who are ordained clergy are going to back it up. It is already happening God help us and strengthen us that stand for Your truth amen.


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