The above television news report highlights the enormous divide within the United Methodist Church (UMC). The UMC as a global denomination has voted a different view than several Methodist Universities in North America. The University Methodist Church in Austin, TX is allowing same-sex “weddings” in its chapel halls, defying the General Conference Session vote results from February 2019. In response to that vote, KXGN Austin reports that the pastor of the church has declared the church will operate “as if these new rules never existed.”

The UMC is a divided church, but parents continue to send children to be educated in universities where the church associated with the school are not only inculcating in students aberrant theology but attitudes of rebellion.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is similarly divided. Some of the loudest voices favoring cultural accommodation emanate from our Universities in North America. We seek to operate so that no entity is a power to itself, but rather our denominational entities are interdependent and do not determine their own status.

Will students in our universities strengthen the world church and its decisions, or permit themselves to be led to disregard their world church. Are Adventist students different, basing their decisions on inspired counsel? Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Methodists: LGBT Theology Divides University from Denomination

  1. It would seem some groups of people are more intent to support and stand by scripture than the SDA church.

    Unity is a great asset if it is based on the word of God. But unity just for the sake of unity is hardly any goal for any viable Christian community.

    These people are willing to split rather than compromise the word of God. I am sure some consider it rebellion against properly ordained authority. Others see it as a defense of bible truth that transcends every other consideration.

  2. Martin, I sent this comment to an individual at Spectrum.
    The spirituality of the world and the church is apparently the same.
    How it will all work out precisely is not known.
    Take care

    “I hardly think so, Tim.

    All Wilson does is play politics and WO is still in full force in the US.

    When I attend any bible class in church on the subject of atonement, all I hear is God does not threaten anyone with destruction for rebellion against His kingdom.

    They don’t even believe God threatened Adam and Eve before sin became a reality.

    This is backed by the argument we only obey God because we want to, not because we have to.

    But the fact is, both civil and spiritual agendas in our country that have and want the controlling power refuse to discipline based on law, order, discipline and threat as any basis to govern.
    Good luck with this ignorant agenda…”


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