The WO conflict waged havoc in the Netherlands. Together with the NAD and TED administration, the Dutch Union had set itself to set an example for insubordination in the World Church. After GC 2015 members said, enough is enough. One-third of church visiting persons (803 of 2400) signed a Member’s Manifesto and demanded a special constituency meeting. They made use of an out-of-model inserted article in the bylaws that provided for 500 individual members to do so. This provision should be adopted in the Working Policy Models, to circumvent the widespread manipulation by Church administrators, and to give the Church again to the people.

Though it looked like the Dutch brethren didn’t accomplish much, the meeting marked a turning point in this Union. In 2017 the Regular Constituency Meeting chose officers with a different mindset with an average voting percentage of 85% and a majority of lay members in the EC. In 2018 a Special Meeting voted for a new Constitution and Bylaws in which it is firmly stated that the Union should be in harmony with actions of the World Church. Also included was a for-cause dismissal article, that has been put to the test a couple of times. The pressure on the current administration is enormous, from outside and within. But we see God working. Please, pray for us? This issue causes casualties at both positions in this controversy.

A recent Fulcrum7 article reveals a little of what transpired in the past ten years, due to misinformation of the people and the constituencies by the previous EC’s, and Church politics. It also reveals the courage shown by the current administration to declare on December 18th 2019, that there will be no ordinations in the Netherlands until provided by the Working Policy in the future. When God’s people in every position stand their post, God acts for and with them.

4 thoughts on “Courage in The Netherlands

  1. Praise God for their boldness. The pastor of my church believes in WO and so is a few of our members. I will continue to hold fast to the absolute truths of God’s Holy Word. Praise God for this site and thank God for you diligence.

  2. Until leadership will “man up” and do their job, the rebellion will just continue on and on.
    Idle threats are worthless at some point. The rebels assume the threat is worthless and not only continue, but intensify the rebellion.
    The GC has not done what it was elected to do by the majority of the church members.
    Discipline is essential to maintain stability.

  3. It seems that in every aspect, the Church is carried by the lay members – financially and spritually – while the majority of the leadership are playing Church Politics to ensure status and positions. Because in the higher eshelons they bite and eat each other, they must mouth talk each other to stay in the know, even comparing insubordinate administrators to Jesus (‘by their stripes we are healed’).

  4. As Christians the Bible tells us to hold fast to our Christian beliefs and our reward will come when Christ returns. We live by faith in these words and not by faith in our own judgments of what is right and wrong.
    WO is not Biblical and therefore to be discarded as deception.
    I know where my loyalities lie and that is with the Words of Christ in Rev 2:26-27.. . To those who win the victory until the end will be given authority to rule over nations.”

    What a day that will be. Why would I thwart that day and time for a liberal view on todays world. I have separated myself from this wayward church for my relationship is with Christ and His true disciples, where ever they may be.


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