The United Methodist Church, wracked by a generation of controversy over human sexuality and LGBT issues, faces a pivotal decision this year. A General Conference Session to be held in Minneapolis in just three months will likely see delegates vote to split the denomination. A plan has been proposed by which LGBT favoring Methodists will acquire full control of the denomination while Methodist members upholding the biblical position rejecting the normalizing of sexual sin will be free to leave with churches and assets and form a new Methodist denomination.

3 thoughts on “Methodist Plan Agreed Split Over LGBT at GC 2020

  1. There are some Christian groups who have a higher regard to defend the bible than the SDA church.
    What a travesty.
    But we comment this group who defend the word over the desire to be accepted and popular.

  2. “A plan has been proposed by which LGBT favoring Methodists will acquire full control of the denomination ….”

    And that comes across as if they are a bunch of sore losers who wish yet again to make a mockery of the rules and voted decisions of their own church. Part of the plan even calls for a moratorium on church discipline until the majority has left the denomination.

    When the plan was first announced, I read it for myself and came to these conclusions. At some point I read comments by Methodists pointing out similar things, such as the fact that the amount of money being offered by the Bible rejecters (my term) to the Bible believers is very small compared to all the assets the UMC has.

  3. This simply confirms that the so-called conservative element’s leaders are weak willed and tepid. The Methodist Church delegates rejected such limp handed efforts when they were presented last February (such as their own “third option” for addressing the disconnect between pro- and anti- lgbt groups). Why would anyone expect that this obvious surrender by the “conservative” leaders will be accepted by the membership at large, when such capitulations have been rejected before? In light of the history, this story interprets more credibly as merely the lgbt group’s method of angling for more favorable separation terms, and finding some nominal “conservative” reps they could strong arm. Whether it will actually result in what the lgbt side wants is what will be seen at the next Methodist GC session in May.


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