The following alphabetical list was originally limited to currently employed as well as retired Seventh-day Adventist ministers from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Upper Columbia, Idaho, and Montana conferences who choose to support the concerns of (then called NPUC Supporting Pastors). The list was not and is not a petition; it is simply a list of dozens of workers whom the church has confirmed as called of God, appointed to service, and whom as part of their life work have invested themselves in building up the kingdom.

Now that we have been led to enlarge our scope to include the entire North American Division territory, CAP (Council of Adventist Pastors) will lengthen this list as other pastors across the North American Division embrace the goals of CAP and ask to be included in the Council.

Elder Jim Anderson

Elder Carl H. Ashlock

Elder Doug Batchelor

Elder Fred Beavon

Elder Larry F. Belknap

Elder Stephen Bohr

Elder Jim Brackett

Elder Doug Carlson

Elder Rich Constantinescu

Elder Byron Corbett

Elder Duane Corwin

Elder Jim Cox

Elder Arthur Dahl

Elder Wendell Downs

Elder Donald A. Eckenroth

Elder Denny Evans

Elder LeRoy Finck

Elder Ron Fleck

Pastor Bob Henricksen

Elder Alden Ho

Elder Lee Roy Holmes

Elder Wayne Kablanow

Elder Barry Kimbrough

Elder Larry Kirkpatrick

Elder Leonard Klien

Elder Daniel D. Knapp Sr.

Elder Kent Knight

Elder Mike Lambert

Elder Ben J. Liebelt

Elder Lonny Liebelt

Elder Terry McComb

Elder Richard McCombs

Elder James B. McClain

Elder Richard Mendoza

Elder David L. Miller

Elder Myckal Morehouse

Elder Viorel Negoi

Elder Thurman Petty

Elder Octavian Poenaru

Elder Jim Reinking

Elder Carl Rose

Elder Alvaro Sauza

Elder Daniel Scarone

Elder Clinton Schultz

Elder Dan Shafer

Elder Scott Shafer

Elder George Sharpe

Elder Ingo Sorke

Elder Tom Stafford

Elder Daniel Thompson

Elder Victor C. Vaughn

Elder Danny Velez

Elder Robert Wiese

Elder Don West

Elder John Witcombe

Elder Steve Wohlberg

NOTE: Updated 2018-03-29

If you are a pastor or conference worker current or retired, living or working in the North American Division, and would like to add your name to the list of CAP (Council of Adventist Pastors), please email the webmaster (NOTE: WRONG EMAIL NOW CORRECTED) including your name, location, and contact phone number. A representative of CAP will contact you so that you can be included. Alternatively, you can reach us at our official mailing address:

Council of Adventist Pastors
PO Box 19424
Spokane, WA 99219