Gerita Liebelt

Gerita Liebelt grew up a tomboy. Hers was a gender journey. Looking back
from 2019 with the standpoint of years, in our latest article Gerita
traces her journey through the gyrations of social change traversed in
those decades. What is her conclusion? Did God get it right? Or secular
human culture?

The church has heard from pastors, scholars, academics, administrators, and others concerning the question of women’s ordination. But there is another voice we need to hear: Adventist women. The Council of Adventist Pastors was approached by a group of Adventist women who have created a set of videos in which they give voice on the question of women’s ordination. We are honored to share with you their video.

This short video provides an overview and preview of seven additional videos to be published next week, each addressing particular question areas in the women’s ordination debate. The video was produced by Barbara Flees and participants are Edel Amundson, Rhonda Backman, Linda Brehm, Jean Handwerk, Anita Jepson, Belinda Lowry, and Lorene Wright. Those featured all attend different churches. Some are former elders.