We offer here the link to a detailed new analysis prepared by Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) group #1 of the position summary of TOSC group #3. We find this 23 page pdf file to have remarkably useful clarifying content, helping the reader better understand both the group #3 and the group #1 positions.


Prs. Wayne Kablanow and Jim Brackett discuss women’s ordination. Is WO as we have seen its proponents attempting to introduce it to the church today, actually congregationalism just at a larger scale? Is letting each division decide independently in essence the same as letting each congregation decide independently? Kablanow and Brackett work their way into the topic carefully in this extended study. Unity in diversity is discussed. The core biblical components of unity are uncovered. 32 minutes. Pr. Kablanow is a successful church planter, presently serving West Plains in Airway Heights and also the Spokane North View churches.