The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Executive Committee met this week and the Union paper, the Gleaner, has issued the following report:

NPUC Updates Its Ordination Plan.

NPUC Supporting Pastors respond to this development.

On Wednesday and Thursday, February 13 and 14, the Lake Union Conference considered the question of Women’s Ordination. Presentations in favor or opposition were made by presenters including Darius Jankowitz, Clinton Wahlen, P. Gerard Damsteegt, and Richard M. Davidson. The first motion was to recommend that the General Conference permit Divisions and Unions to ordain without regard to gender. That motion lost 18 to 12. The final motion is as below: Continue reading

The above short video was an urgent and humble appeal by General Conference President Ted N.C. Wilson to the Columbia Union Conference NOT to proceed to vote itself into opposition to the world church (which it did afterwards). Nevertheless, as the North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee prepares to meet February 18-20, 2013, this is important food for thought for each and every member. The NPUC Supporting Pastors urgently desire that the NPUC avoid the disunity and shame of insubordination that would result from similar independent action. We are part of a world church. We respectfully request that the NPUC decision to hold a special constituency meeting be rescinded (ed. note: The NPUC executive committee has indicated that there will indeed be a similar special constituency meeting about February 2015).

The North Pacific Union Conference has issued a statement in response to NPUC Supporting Pastors. You will find it here: The ranks of the Supporting Pastors have increased. Names listed here: List of NPUC Supporting Pastors.

The initial news release by the NPUC Supporting Pastors can be found here.

The North Pacific Union Conference will meet for its regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting in eight days, February 18-20 at Ridgefield, Washington.