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Women's Ordination and Aaron's Rod that Budded, pt. 1

Could it be that God foresaw the women’s ordination challenge the church would face in our day long ago, and that Heaven provided an answer in the Scriptures long ago? Pastor Wayne Kablanow takes a look at women’s ordination and Aaron’s Rod that budded for a possible answer. FIND IT HERE.

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Priesthood of Believers

Louis R. Torres takes a look at a phrase commonly used (“Priesthood of all believers”, but probes a bit deeper in this short article. FIND IT HERE.

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Biblical Sacredness of Ordination

Louis R. Torres shares an extended study on ordination and its biblical sacredness, and how the question pertains to women’s ordination. Pastor Torres has a long history of service and soul-winning in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Appended to the article is an extended section addressing many questions relating to Ellen White materials on ordination. FIND IT HERE!

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None Dare Call it Rebellion

John Witcombe considers the plea for cousin-equality! Find it here.