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NAD Disunity Statement Surfaces

The North American Division Union presidents presented to the General Conference president and officers an antagonistic statement in the January 19, 2017 meeting. The NAD leaders indicated while they see no consensus favoring women’s ordination among church members in the NAD, that the General Conference in seeking to maintain unity in the church, is overreaching its authority. The NAD Union Presidents’ statement offers no Scripture in defense of its position. Nor does it acknowledge the authority of the world church in its July 8, 2015 San Antonio vote which refused to authorize actions presently being taken within the North American Division to ordain women to the gospel ministry.
The presidents claimed “strong personal and collective unity” with the church, but also indicated themselves to be unified in support of women’s ordination to the gospel ministry, an unscriptural innovation which the Church has never, since its inception, practiced. The Union presidents go so far as to offer their “personal general observations” that in the NAD unions, membership sustains “a grass roots support for women’s ordination,” with “opposition in a few conferences.”
We believe that actually, the majority of church members in NAD oppose women’s ordination, and that the most telling statement in the document is the presidents’ claim that “An inclusive NAD survey taken in 2014 of conference, union and division leadership revealed a 90%-plus approval of women’s ordination” in the Division. That claim may actually be correct. If so, it points out the extreme disconnect between leadership and membership within the Division. The NAD presidents are trapped in an echo chamber of their own, and are operating in rejection of the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to them through the world church.
The presidents’ document claims that they “acknowledge the conscientious convictions” of those who oppose women’s ordination. But actually those who oppose the practice have been shut out of the main publications of the church. Excluded from publishing in union papers or the Adventist Review, these Adventists whose convictions are allegedly so respected have been refused opportunity to publish on NAD-run denominational presses and their only recourse has been to publish privately.
Even NAD young adults have been marginalized by NAD leadership, as evident in the video above.
The January 19 statement complains about the General Conference’s rejection years ago of NAD’s attempt to change the E-60 Working Policy. Read about the current NAD president’s role in that debacle in “E-60 and the WO Endgame” at On the even longer history of NAD’s decision to block opposing viewpoints and use NAD publications for pro-women’s ordination propaganda, read the 1997 NAD’s own words in “President’s Commission on Women in Ministry Report” at
Notable is statement number six in the document: “We believe the GC is dangerously overreaching its authority and potentially endangering the current and future unity and mission of the church (see SOP below).” But the statement goes on to say that “Non-doctrinal issues on which we have no consensus are not a basis for splitting the church.”
Then why is the North American Division leadership determined to split the Church? Are they so trapped within the culture they are charged to witness God’s revealed truth to, that they would burn down the Church rather than subordinate themselves to the humble, Spirit-led decision reached in General Conference Session after so much study and prayer?

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3ABN WO discussion: Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Jim Gilley, Jay Gallimore

3ABN Night Light Women’s Ordination Discussion, featuring pastors Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Jay Gallimore. The program was recorded at ASI. Includes discussion of Scripture evidence and of the surprising results of the survey conducted. There is a brief musical presentation near the beginning, and afterwards the main program continues. At 16 minutes in the 3ABN WO poll sample and process is explained. Doug Batchelor kicks off the main discussion 28 minutes in. Doug Batchelor is the senior pastor of the Granite Bay Church near Sacramento. Stephen Bohr is senior pastor of the Fresno Church. Jay Gallimore is the president of the Michigan Conference. The hosts are pastor Jim Gilley, president of Three Angel’s Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and Danny Shelton, a founder of 3ABN. Full Program.

3ABN WO Survey results Council of Adventist Pastors (CAP) Gender General Conference Session 2015 San Antonio Ordination Without Regard to Gender Women in Ministry Women's Ordination

3ABN Women's Ordination Survey RESULTS (Updated 2014-08-25 9:33 am PST)

Survey launched on 2014-08-07. Answer receiving the most ballots is bolded… See update information at bottom of posting.

QUESTION 1: Do you believe that the Scriptures teach only men should be ordained as pastors?

Yes: 75.22% (2939 ballots)
No: 24.78% (968 ballots)
Total answering: 3907

QUESTION 2: Do you believe that the Scriptures teach women should be ordained elders?

Yes: 18.38% (713 ballots)
No: 81.62% (3167 ballots)
Total answering: 3880

QUESTION 3: Do you believe the Adventist Church needs to create more paid ministry opportunities for women aside from the ordination question?

Yes: 68.56% (2656 ballots)
No: 31.44% (1218 ballots)
Total answering: 3874

QUESTION 4: Do you believe if women’s ordination is approved it will make it easier for same-sex marriage advocates to agitate for acceptance within the church?

Yes: 68.66% (2682 ballots)
No: 31.34% (1224 ballots)
Total answering: 3906

QUESTION 5: Do you believe the women’s ordination issue should be conclusively settled at the next General Conference meeting and whatever is voted should be unitedly followed by the world church?

Yes: 52.59% (2018 ballots)
No: 47.41% (1819 ballots)
Total answering: 3887

QUESTION 6: Do you believe each SDA world division or conference should be allowed to determine the women’s ordination issue independently?

Yes: 21.04% (819 ballots)
No: 78.96% (3073 ballots)
Total answering: 3892

QUESTION 7: Do you believe the women’s ordination issue may lead to a division within the Adventist Church?

Yes: 82.68% (3228 ballots)
No: 17.32% (676 ballots)
Total answering: 3904

QUESTION 8: Are you a denominational employee?

Yes: 13.10% (511 ballots)
No: 86.90% (3391 ballots)
Total answering: 3902

QUESTION 9: Do you reside in the North American Division?

Yes: 70.97% (2785 ballots)
No: 29.03% (1139 ballots)
Total answering: 3924

QUESTION 10: Are you male or female?

Female: 51.10% (1969 ballots)
Male: 48.90% (1884 ballots)
Total answering: 3853

QUESTION 11: What is your age range?

18 to 30: 18.96% (747 ballots)
30 to 55: 53.26% (2098 ballots)
55 and up: 27.77% (1094 ballots)
Total answering: 3939

NOTE: Survey results were updated August 25, 9:33 am PST. You can participate in the survey by calling 800-272-1280, or, readers can participate in the survey via the internet at