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Pope's new Sunday-keeping appeal

Doug Batchelor, senior pastor of the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rocklin, California, and president of Amazing Facts, offers this important newsflash on the current the Pope of Rome and his promotion of Sunday in place of God’s true Seventh day Sabbath.

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Foundations of Women's Ordination, part 3: Liberation Theology

Larry Kirkpatrick continues his series giving the theological foundations behind the push for Women’s Ordination. Liberation Theology is the framework upon which hangs contemporary Feminist and Queer Theologies begin. FIND IT HERE.

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Foundations of Women's Ordination, part 1: Orientation to the Scriptures

Pastor Larry Kirkpatrick has prepared a unique series of articles titled “Foundations of Women’s Ordination.” These articles outline the theological underpinnings of the movement which, if its goal is obtained, would lead to the ordination of women as pastors in male-headship positions the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This history and theology begins outside the church, has its own goals, and is intended to transform both world and church. We have scheduled these to appear throughout June.
Part 1 in the series focuses on our “Orientation to the Scriptures.” FIND IT HERE.