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The Curse That Redeems

What does Ellen White tell us about the the designed relation between Adam and Eve and the effect of the Fall upon that relationship? Pastor John Witcombe takes a brief look in “The Curse That Redeems.” FIND IT HERE

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Gender Confusion

John Witcombe looks again at the role of male headship in church and home. Failure to follow a biblical order leads to gender confusion. FIND IT HERE.

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None Dare Call it Rebellion

John Witcombe considers the plea for cousin-equality! Find it here.

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Headship—A Path to Unity

Did male headship begin before the fall or was it instituted as a consequence of sin? Why is this question important? Pastor John Witcombe offers in this article a biblical answer showing that headship is the path to unity. Find it here!

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A Third Look at Headship

Pastor John Witcombe was led to study carefully ideas presented by Pastor Dwight Nelson in Nelson’s sermon “A Second Look at Headship.” Witcombe’s reaction is found here.