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Congregationalism—How will it end?

Pastor Wayne Kablanow has been observing trends, and identifies an important part of what is going on behind the drive for Women’s Ordination. Hint: It is a different form of church governance. Curious about his article? FIND IT HERE.

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Artful Dissembling

In “Artful Dissembling: A Plea for Change of Direction Regarding Recent North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Actions and Statements,” Pastor Clinton L. Schultz zeros-in on two-message-sending language used in the Gleaner, and its immediate consequences for unity in the field. Are some leaders, convinced they are right, contaminating others in the field with an independent spirit? Does loose language in the Union paper need to change? FIND IT HERE.

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A Call to Repentance

Lonny Liebelt recently considered a presentation made at a Seventh-day Adventist church that pled for us to repent of patriarchy and heterosexism. After further reflection, he agrees that there is much for us to repent of, although not necessarily as that presenter suggested. Provided on is his call to repentance. FIND IT HERE.