Why OrdinationTruth.com?

Two principle concerns are held by leaders across the NPUC who have created OrdinationTruth.com. One is a desire for unity. We are connected to one another. The General Conference represents the Spirit-led will of the world body; every Seventh-day Adventist, in being included in the world church, has already chosen inclusion in the General Conference. We move with and as a part of this body. Christ is the Head of His Church. How can we lead spiritually in our local churches while lending the influence of the NPUC to the insubordinate actions of Columbia and Pacific Unions?
The other main concern is a sense that the ordination of women to positions of primary spiritual leadership in the church is unbiblical. The basis of our Christian belief system is Scripture, not culture. Freedom from bias may not be possible in this fallen world, and it is for this very reason that we are called to Scripture as the test of all Christian experience, the authoritative basis for all teaching. When we come to the question of who occupies positions of spiritual headship in congregations, we neither make it up as we go, nor treat God’s counsels with indifference.
In some cases, some of us feel more strongly about one of these concerns or the other. But we are united in sensing great danger. The world church is presently engaged in a pathbreaking study aimed at resolving this question; it is simply wrong to make any move that would tend to bring the North Pacific Union alongside the rebellion demonstrated by a handful of other union constituencies.
We propose that the NPUC, in response to the appeal made by the leading brethren of the Church in June 2012, and in harmony with the strong response offered by the General Conference in Annual Council, October 2012, stand down from the proposed special constituency session, praying rather for those engaged in the world church’s Theology of Ordination Study Committee. Let us set an example of harmony for our Seventh-day Adventist brothers and sisters around the world. List of OrdinationTruth.com Supporting Pastors.