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The Biblical Consensus, Slavery, and Contemporary Adventist Issues

Kevin D. Paulson writes in response to a paper by Darius Jankewicz, “Hermeneutics of Slavery: A ‘Bible-Alone’ Faith and the Problem of Human Enslavement.” Paulson offers “The Biblical Consensus, Slavery, and Contemporary Adventist Issues.” The document is a PDF format, full-length document.
One argument offered by supporters of women’s ordination is to attempt to compare the approach to interpreting the Bible which some supporters of slavery offered in defense of slavery in the American South, with the interpretational approach of contemporary opponents of women’s ordination.

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Hermeneutics and Scripture in the 21st Century

Earlier this year we reported that the Lake Union had held a prayerful discussion on the matter of women’s ordination and had chosen rather than to move into a position of opposition to the Church, to work with the Church with reference to this topic. Among the presentations at the Lake Union was “Hermeneutics and Scripture in the 21st Century,” by Clinton Wahlen.
Wahlen points out how methods of interpreting Scripture continue to adjust and modify. The use of the historical-critical method has waned but a new focus has arisen. This new focus moves away from locating meaning in the text of Scripture and places meaning instead in the reader. It is fascinating that, while this material was presented nearly a year ago, reader-response criticism forms a central part of the NAD’s “new” proposed women’s ordination hermeneutic released last month (NAD Report, pp. 23-31). The NAD Report actually critiques the Church’s 1986 “Methods of Bible Study” (Rio) document for lacking this emphasis. However, we agree with Wahlen who warns in this paper, “…all of these methods [“literary ” and reader-focused”] as classically defined employ a critical approach to the text ‘which subordinates the Bible to human reason’ and should therefore be ‘unacceptable’ to Seventh-day Adventists, as the 1986 ‘Methods of Bible Study’ document voted in Annual Council has made clear” (“Hermeneutics and Scripture in the Twenty-First Century,” p. 1). The paper by Wahlen linked above provides important background for those who peruse the NAD Report.

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What About Phoebe?

Lonny Liebelt read the recent article, and considers it in “What About Phoebe? Thinking about Darius Jankiewicz,
“Phoebe: Was she an early church leader?” (Ministry, April 2013, pp. 10-14). Find it here.