Excerpts from NPUC Executive Committee minutes

Pertinent excerpts from 2012 NPUC Executive Committee minutes:

May 16, 2012
To ask NPUC ADCOM to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to create specific recommendations on how to fully integrate and call Adventist women into all levels of church leadership within the NPUC.

Nov 14, 2012
1. To inform and educate Northwest members of the rationale toward biblical church leadership without regard to gender.
2. To engage and encourage constituents in structured conversation and discussion on women in ministry.
3. To call a special session of the North Pacific Union Conference constituency to address ministerial ordination without regard to gender.

Pertinent excerpts from 2013 NPUC Executive Committee minutes:

Feb. 20, 2013
That the NPUC executive committee schedule a special session of the NPUC constituency to address ministerial ordination to convene within 120 days after the General Conference (GC) theology of ordination study committee completes its work.

May 8, 2013
1. NPUC will connect with the North American Division to find out what incentives are available for placing additional woman in pastoral ministry and communicate that information to the local conferences.
2. Encourage each conference executive committee to closely examine the NAD pillar, women in ministry, develop a strategic plan for implementation of women in ministry and leadership, and move toward adoption of clear measurable goals designed to give women opportunities in leadership positions.
3. At least once per year, gather local women leaders who serve as elders, to discuss their experiences, issues and problems encountered, as well as lessons learned.
4. That the Union and local conferences conduct one pastoral workshop before October 2014 in each conference on the subject of women in leadership and ordination.
5. That the NPUC lead in developing a multipart curriculum, which could be used in Bible study classes, covering such topics as:
a. History of women in leadership in Adventist church
b. Headship theology
c. History of Ordination in the Christian Church
d. Unity versus Uniformity
e. Priesthood of all believers
f. Women in ministry
Include brief video segments as discussion starters for sharing on social media.
6. Approve the proposed 2013-2015 Gleaner schedule for communication to constituents on the subject of women in leadership in NPUC. (Schedule attached to original minutes)
7. Ask conferences to encourage churches to ordain women deaconesses according to the SDA church manual.

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It seems the NPUC has their minds made up. It will be interesting how they use Scripture to prove their point. I want to hear how they use Paul’s Instructions in 1 Tim Chapter 3.

good. they are in harmony with what the apostle paul emphasized in 1Tim3. The qualifiations are no-gender exclusive. God bless!

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