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Response to William johnsson "A Troubling Disconnect"

Lonny Liebelt responds to William Johnsson’s article “A troubling Disconnect.” Johnsson thinks that he and the pro-WO faction is being led by the Holy Spirit. He thinks that the Generla confernece is not being led by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Liebelt interacts with Johnsson’s assertions here:

One reply on “Response to William johnsson "A Troubling Disconnect"”

Lonny – A couple years before first meeting you when my wife and I arrived at Eden Valley (Loveland CO) in 1985, I worked at the Banning Health Center under Dr. Charles Thomas. My co-worker, Kurt Unglaub, disagreed with a clearly New Theology based editorial by William Johnsson, then editor of the Review and Herald. Kurt sent Mr. Johnsson a letter addressing where he thought Mr. Johnsson was incorrect. Kurt shared Mr. Johnsson’s letter of response with me. We both felt that Mr. Johnsson’s reply was condescending and dismissive, an all too frequent behavior of the left, both in religion and in the secular world. This would have been sometime between 1983 and early 1985 when this letter exchange occurred. My point is that William Johnsson has been off the traditional platform of SDA truth for a very long time. It should come as no surprise to anyone for Johnsson to be promulgating his present concerns.

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