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President Addresses All World Church Members in Oct 10 Broadcast

Seventh-day Adventist world church president Pastor Ted Wilson spoke to the members of the Seventh-day Adventist world church in a special October 10, 2018 video message release.

Several Western Units of the Church, especially in the North American Division, including the Pacific Union, Columbia Union, with several conferences in California, have continued to ordain women to the gospel ministry in contravention of the decision of the 2015 San Antonio General Conference Session world church delegate-voted decision. Those actions of unfaithfulness to God and to the global church body, are subject to discipline by the General Conference Executive Committee, meeting October 8-14 in Annual Council in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.

4 replies on “President Addresses All World Church Members in Oct 10 Broadcast”

This is feckless, there will be no “punishment” issued because too much money flows from the N.A.D. into the GC. Everyone knows this so why don’t they just issue their “we need further study and reflection” statement and be done with it. Everyone then can go back to their normal lives and “feel better”.

In this case, I doubt that anybody will go back to normal lives and feeling better in due time. This issue is here to stay and like cancer, it will only grow until it’s SO difficult to manage that something catastrophic will come of it.

The GC approved a practice to address non-compliance which does not mention WO specifically, it can be applied to any case of non-compliance. There is a case pending with the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee where a church board made a decision about a membership request that set up a ‘test of fellowship’ not in the church manual. The person appealed to the conference and the conf president said what they did is OK. So he did what was required to become a member, and went to a church in another conference that said this is improper procedure, we do not recognize the authority of the president of another conference, we will not cooperate. The conference supported the pastor’s decision. So there are two conference that are not in Unity with church policy and the GC committee has done nothing for nine months. Will this new practice be applied to other issues of non-compliance?

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